Guide: Four key considerations for choosing the ideal CDMO partner 

The pharmaceutical and biotech landscapes are evolving, demanding innovation, efficiency, and reliability in drug development and manufacturing. Choosing the right Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) is critical to navigating this shifting terrain.

In this guide, discover the four critical questions that can guide you in choosing a CDMO partner capable of driving innovation and accelerating your drug discovery, development, and manufacturing processes, and learn about:

  • The strategic advantages of onshoring and local partners
  • The impact a CDMO’s expertise and specialization can have  
  • The importance of advanced technology and cutting-edge facilities
  • The ability to accelerate project timelines and scale quickly


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As an independent, founder-led life sciences company, GL CHEMTEC is passionate about your success and committed to solving your most complex chemistry challenges. We are fast and flexible, and our collaborative partnership approach means that we scale and adapt according to your needs.

A next-level API partner 

offering a unique combination of small molecule and polymer expertise.

Drive innovation with a green chemistry mindset

committed to sustainability and green chemistry best practices. 

North American location and security of supply  

offering an alternative to traditional supply chains and overseas partners.

Tackle complex chemistry challenges

with our deep expertise in small molecule chemistry and tailored polymers, and a collaborative approach.

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Accelerate early-stage API development and innovative drug delivery solutions 

with seamless continuity from R&D to manufacturing.

Highly customer-centric culture   

reflected by our 22 years of success in life sciences, delivering innovative solutions with unrivalled speed, agility, and passion.


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